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surveying sandy's aftermath. he took afears hand -- a firsthand tour of the damage with governor christie. he said the federal government will be helping with clean-up efforts. >>> there was speculation that the storm would delay this week's employment report. the last one before the election. but today, the department of labor says it will be out on time. amtrak is slowly restoring service along the northeast corridor tonight. but is still not operating through new york's penn station since the surrounding tunnels are flooded out. our bruce johnson started riding out the storm in rehoboth beach, delaware and is in north carolina and he filed this report -- new jersey and he filed this report. >> reporter: this is bruce johnson in as bury park, new jersey. it's been making a comebook and was doing pretty good according to the people who live here. until sandy arrived with 80, 90- mile-per-hour winds on monday. take a look at the pride and joy of the park, the boardwalk and look at what the storm, this hurricane did to it. it's raped the boards up and it's -- ripped the boards up and it's
. this is probably 3 or 4 feet. this is from snow shoe. christy sent this picture as well. probably another 6 to maybe 10 inches on the way tonight, tomorrow, and even tomorrow night will probably see a little bit of snow. now we have to deal with some river flooding, it's in the crazy bashar al-assad right now, the -- not crazy bad right now. the monocacy will crest continue. also remember that number is a forecast. right now we're expecting moderate flooding on the monocacy later tonight. now point of rocks potomac, flood stage 16. the crest forecast to be 22.3. that's 8:00 tomorrow. and then we expect minor to moderate flatting at point of rocks -- flooding at point of rocks. closer to town, wisconsin avenue well we're looking at flood stage at 6 feet and about 8.6 crest on thursday morning at 2:00. and we think minor flooding there. but again, we'll keep opposed because these -- you posted because the crest numbers will change as we get more data to how much water is draining into the basin. okay, michael & son weather camera live, it's cloudy outside. it's not very -- there's not much he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2